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Wake the World (Chattanooga, TN)
August 19th

wake-the-worldErwin Marine will host a “Wake the World” event at Chickamauga Marina. Wake the World is a day of boating fun on the water for about 40 kids from local Children’s Homes. 

Erwin Marine Sales has organized volunteers to help with the kids as they enjoy such activities as wake boarding, wake surfing, tubing, and swimming. All volunteer boat operators have completed and passed a required boating safety course for this event.

Erwin Marine Sales is proud to host this event and we plan to make it memorable for these kids!

For information about this event or future volunteer opportunities, contact us here. To learn more about WAKE the WORLD, visit

Demo Days (Chattanooga, TN)

spring show dock pic 2015
Demo Days
every 2nd Saturday of the month! Demo our amazing new Wake Boat Brands and learn more about wake boarding, skating, surfing and more! Come see what we have in stock on the dock.


Going on NOW through August 19th!


What’s better than live music on the Chattanooga Riverfront? Find out more here or visit to check out the music lineup.

Every Friday night through August 2017 at Miller Plaza, Downtown Chattanooga. Rain or shine, and it’s FREE! Find out more about Nightfall at

For events and happenings on-the-water at Downtown Chattanooga’s 21st Century Waterfront, Erwin Marine Riverfront is the place to be! Enjoy all that Downtown Chattanooga has to offer from the comfort of your own boat. Get the “best seat in the house” for events on the Chattanooga waterfront.

Click here for more information.EM Riverfront_2color
To find out more about transient dockage on Chattanooga’s waterfront, contact Erwin Marine Riverfront by phone at (423) 266-1316 or email.


For more information about marina happenings, contact the Fuel Dock here.

Gold Point Yacht Harbor

  • Discontinuing mobile pump out service
  • Upgrading existing 24/7 self-service system at pump out dock
Chickamauga Marina Hours 

Remaining on Summer Operating Schedule through Labor Day

Dry Storage – Open 7-days

  • 8:30 – 6:30 Sunday through Thursday
  • 8:30 to 7:30 Friday & Saturday

Fuel Dock/Marina Office

  • 8:30 – 6:30 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
  • 8:30 – 7:30 Friday & Saturday

We hope you’re having a great summer. And remember. . . life is better on a boat!

Boaters Are Happy People
by Jessica Arnoldemojis

There’s nothing quite like cruising the lake with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Boating is a diverse recreation offering one the ability to sail, ski, surf, fish, or just enjoy the ride. To some, boating is more than fun on the water. It’s a way of life.

What is it that draws us to the water? Why is it good for us?

Memories made while boating can be some of the fondest of childhood experiences. Children learn so much boating like appreciation for the time spent connecting and building relationships with parents, siblings, and friends.

They can also learn important lessons such as concern and safety for others and themselves. Boaters tend to be very social and enjoy being part of a community of people who share their love of the water and boating.

Stress Reduction
Science shows that being outdoors can make us healthier by reducing stress levels. We all know that stress can make us sick and can also be blamed for shorter lifespans. Not only is boating fun, it can reduce stress, making you happier, healthier, and live longer.

In addition to decreasing stress, spending more time with nature can put you in a more positive mood. Fresh air and sunshine have been shown to fight depression and tend to make us just feel better. Boating can feel like being a million miles from the stress of the daily grind.

So, whether you prefer spending the weekend skiing, tubing, or cruising or; just kicking back and relaxing. Slow down. Take a mental health day. Go boating!

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

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